Spotlight On: The City of Brentwood

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As the Clean Air Partnership continues to spotlight local municipalities utilizing innovative approaches to create cleaner, greener environments for constituents, this month we’re pleased to recognize the City of Brentwood for its commitment to sustainability that shapes city operations and future planning.

Having proudly returned to participate in the 2021 Green Cities Challenge for a second year, the City of Brentwood’s new Sustainability Commission – which is led by five residents and two elected officials – began working on a new city-wide Sustainability Plan. With each city department continuing to set goals and objectives related to sustainability, the city strives to keep learning and incorporating green practices into the range of operational requirements unique to its local government.

Among the city’s impressive accomplishments to receive recognition in the Challenge included the installation of four free public electric vehicle chargers, a bike repair station and new bike hoop, the launch of a new city-wide composting program, four residential paper shredding events and electronics recycling drives, and the planting of 89 trees to help rebuild urban forests. Another highlight was a Grow Solar Power Hour virtual program to increase education of solar technology and its investment potential with neighbors, local business owners and community leaders. To further reduce environmental impact, the City of Brentwood offered environmental education opportunities for youth and adults in their Parks & Recreation brochures and educated residents about recycling and other sustainable practices through various social media channels, newsletters and their website.

Additionally, the city adopted stormwater management requirements for all new and infill residential development and completed an ADA-compliant trail that includes use of porous and flexible Rubberway, partially composed of recycled rubber tires. With an eye on continued progress and building a bright future for its citizens, work is also underway on Brentwood Bound – the major flood mitigation project that will restore floodplain, add trails and greenspaces, and link multiple parks in a highly visible location. Also, during the 2021 Challenge, the City of Brentwood received a $300,000 grant from the Missouri Department of Resources’ Division of Environmental Quality, Soil and Water Conservation Program for design and construction of an extended wetland pond north of the confluence of Deer Creek and Black Creek. The funds will also grant Brentwood the opportunity to enhance the design of the confluence point to aid in flood mitigation and confer significant water quality benefits, which will in turn positively benefit air quality, too!

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